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Defining Enterprise Architecture: Misunderstandings

Written by John A. Zachman on Thursday, 15 October 2015. Posted in Zachman International

There presently appears to be a gross misunderstanding about Enterprise Architecture among management... but also among the information community as well. Enterprise Architecture is NOT an Information Technology issue... it is a Management issue. It is likely perceived to be an Information Technology issue as opposed to a Management issue for two reasons: 

Big Architecture for CEOs

Written by John A. Zachman on Thursday, 08 October 2015. Posted in Zachman International

We've been having a great GovEA Conference this year- no shortage of good speakers, exhibits and vendors.

I had the distinct pleasure of introducing my long-time friend and colleague, Scott Bernard who has been the U.S. Federal Chief Enterprise Architect for the last several years.

Enterprise Physics 101

Written by John A. Zachman on Saturday, 03 October 2015. Posted in Zachman International

Architecture Is Not a New Idea

The ideas about Architecture have been around for a long time. In the old days we used to call this kind of thing “Enterprise Analysis." The whole concept of Enterprise Analysis was, or is, you try to understand the Enterprise first, before you try to overlay infrastructure kinds of things against it.

The problem with infrastructure kinds of things is, it takes a long time to create it... and it costs a lot of money... and after you get it created... it is hard to change it. So the best thing to do is to understand what you are going to do with it before you take the time and sink the money into creating it. That is not a new idea... I think it came from Julius Caesar... or maybe it was Adam... in any case, it came from somebody a long time ago and I did not invent it. Even in the context of Enterprises, it is not a new idea. I probably spent more than 40 years of my professional life focused around these kinds of ideas in Enterprises.

The Information Revolution

Written by John A. Zachman on Wednesday, 16 September 2015. Posted in Zachman International

Peter Drucker points out that that this is not the first Information Revolution, this is "The NEXT Information Revolution,"(1) the fourth Information Revolution.

“The next information revolution is well underway. But it is not happening where information scientists, information executives, and the information industry in general are looking for it. It is not a revolution in technology, machinery, techniques, software or speed. It is a revolution in CONCEPTS.”

EA Profession vs. Trade

Written by John A. Zachman on Tuesday, 01 September 2015. Posted in Zachman International

I recently ran across some notes I took from a presentation at an IBM SHARE Conference, August 1991 that may shed some light on the idea of Professionalism.

Roger Greer, who at the time was the Dean of the School of Library and Information Management at the University of California (USC), made some observations about a Professionals in contrast with Labor. He defined the Professional Service Cycle as depicted in Figure 1.

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