Partners and Affiliates

Partners & Affiliates

FEAC® is owned by Zachman International®. A company owned by the father of Enterprise Architecture, John A. Zachman. Zachman International, most noted for it's original EA Ontological Framework, The Zachman Framework™ also offers it's own consulting services and certification in the Zachman Framework from a scientific, ontological perspective. ZI Logo Long
FEAC™ has partnered with the California State University at East Bay to provide formal accredited certification. The FEAC™ Institute, in creating its certification programs determined it wanted to provide our students with quality assurance and oversight. Consequently, CSU-East Bay is an accredited state university and all certifications contain the signature of an Academic Official and has the University Seal. CSU-East Bay provides 20 CEU (Continuing Education Units) and also under arrangement gives 16 graduate engineering units from the Department of Engineering and the Division of Extended and International Education.  csu eastbay
FEAC™ has partnered with National University (NU) and its Engineering Department to allow academic credits from CSU East Bay to be applicable toward nine MS degree programs in either Engineering Management/Enterprise Architecture or Systems Engineering/Enterprise Architecture, as well as being applicable to a MS in Engineering Management.  The first two MS programs are delivered online. National University is a private, non-profit, fully accredited university.  national university

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