How can my job and the time and effort for completing the Certification Program be balanced?

Many students make a request to their employers for a time allocation to allow working on the certification course work and practicum’s. This is supported more easily when students do projects, in their practicum’s, that are “real” work, that can be applied in their companies or organizations, or for a client, they may already be supporting (in this latter case the client should approve of the work being done). An allocation of a half day a week or a couple of hours a day, during the ten weeks, can really help balance the work and course work challenge. Other students have negotiated other deals where, for instance, they won’t leave the company/organization for a year after completion of the course, given their allowable use of some work time to complete it. Delivering real analyses, with stellar models and products that have great value mitigates the “costs of the time” and usually, they are beyond their employers’/clients’ expectations. Integrating the Certification Course with real work is a big selling point to get managers’ support.

  • Thursday, 17 January 2013
  • Posted in: How

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