What is the difference between an EADU (Enterprise Architecture Development Unit), a CEU (Continuing Education Units) and Academic Credits?

EADU: An EADU (Enterprise Architecture Development Unit) is a unit designed specially for FEAC CEAs. 20 EADUs per year are required by the FEAC Institute in order to keep your CEA credentials Current. Qualified units are any EA related course, event, conference, work, etc.; and are awarded upon report of these development units to FEAC. One hour is equal to one EADU and there is no cost associated with reporting these units. Reporting units to FEAC is done after log-in under the EA Zone Menu/MyDashboard/My CEA Renewal.

CEU: Continuing Education Units (CEU) are given by the Division of Extended and International Education in the University, to provide evidence students have fulfilled the requirements of the Certification program. These units are included in the Green Belt and Black Belt certifications at no additional cost. Attendees of the 5-Day Bootcamp and 3-Day Seminars can purchase these units for $60 per unit. CEUs are also offered for select conferences sponsored by FEAC. CEUs are also eligible to be used as EADUs for CEA Renewal.

ACADEMIC UNITS: Students can elect, instead, to receive Academic Units for the Green Belt and Black Belt programs minus the practicum, awarded from the University. These Credits are accepted by many accredited universities, and depending on the specific University’s department advisor’s requirements, can and have been used to satisfy part of graduate degree programs. These units are can be selected at course registration at the cost of $1400 for Green Belt and $2800 for Black Belt.

Each of our programs are accepted by the Program Management Institute towards PMI Re-certification, receiving 200 PDU (Professional Development Units) towards their continuing education requirement upon completion of either program.

  • Thursday, 17 January 2013

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