Why choose the FEAC™ Institute?

The FEAC™ Institute’s track record and standards of Enterprise Architecture Certification training excellence stands on its own and sets it apart from other similar sounding programs. FEAC™ offers the premier Enterprise Architecture Training and Certification Programs, which you can judge for yourself by asking, or reviewing comments of our graduates, as well as, any of the companies and agencies we have supported with customized programs. FEAC™ was the first organization offering Enterprise Architecture Certification (our coveted CEA). Consequently, we have the longest, most mature and established Enterprise Architecture Training and Enterprise Architecture Certification Program in Government or Industry. Many more of our students have come from direct referrals from our many successful graduates than from advertising or other marketing means. Also we offer two flavors of EA Certification for the private sector and Government and its Contractors, the FEA(F) and the DoDAF Programs. This focus in two framework directions, is unique to FEAC™. Just ask any graduate, an one of our CEA Fellows about us, and then, enroll to join our program and the growing ranks of FEAC™ CEAs. Don’t wait, the next class starts soon.

  • Thursday, 17 January 2013
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