Why is it not possible to just take a test to get my certification (CEA), much like, I can do with the PMP and the CISSP?

The FEAC™ Institute requires candidates to demonstrate competency in both the knowledge about EA and the abilities to successfully develop an EA for an organization. That’s why a “Real Problem” is recommended for every practicum. Simply testing one’s academic knowledge via a multiple choice test about EA is not, in our experience, enough to “Certify” competencies. It is vital to be able to demonstrate how to create the artifacts, views, products and models that comprise an EA, to explain and defend it in an oral presentation, and show the use of this architecture for addressing its intended purpose. Because the body of knowledge in the EA profession is continually evolving, FEAC™ developed its certification standards in conjunction with and for the academic Senate of California State University at EAst Bay and with the experienced input of our expert faculty of Senior EA practitioners.

  • Thursday, 17 January 2013
  • Posted in: Why

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