Why is it so important to GROW YOUR OWN ARCHITECTS?

UPDATED 12/19: Because qualified enterprise architects are in such high demand and so difficult to find and recruit, many organizations opt to grow their own cadre of architects by buying entire Certification programs. Many Government Agencies are now requiring CERTIFICATION in many disciplines including EA. There are discounts given based on numbers of students enrolled.

In many cases architects in government organizations and their contractors enroll in the same program to work together on practicum projects and jointly train. Contact us for referrals of organizations that have done this, which includes Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, Health and Human Services, NASA, Booz Allen, Raytheon and more.

FEAC™ offers several paths to achieve Black Belt certification in the Enterprise Architecture Discipline, depending on their level of experience and training. The Green Belt certification in Enterprise Architecture is the indirect way to the Black Belt Certification and is designed for project team members and entry-level EA project managers, as well as qualified undergraduate and graduate students who want a credential to communicate their value in EA project team performance.

Full Black Belt Certification (CEA) is the direct way for somewhat experienced enterprise architects and EA project managers who already have some level of related EA and project management experience and are looking for advanced and large projects applying the EA discipline with mature management skills.

  • Thursday, 17 January 2013
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